Transporting classes, teams, children and organizing trips
Group sightseeing
Country tours
Renting a bus for few hours or days, even weeks
Transport of participants at a conference or other events


Due to the diversity and wide range of our services it is difficult to list fixed prices so we kindly ask you to request an offer by.

Nevertheless we would like to help you plan ahead a little, so you can calculate based on the following terms:

Price per hour: 9,500 HUF/hour

Per kilometer: 390 HUF/km

In case of bus rentals the invoice is made for aminimum of 5 hours (or outside Budapest min. 250km) out of which 30-30 mins (or 15-15 km) are for arriving from and returning to the garage, that is 4 hours of time from picking up the passengers until dropping them at their final destination.

In case of a day program or several hours we calculate based on the prices per hour and kilometer and the higher price is considered. So even if the bus goes e.g. 50km in the morning to an event and comes back in the evening, standing for 6 hours in the meantime, the hourly rate will have to be calculated for the entire day. On the other hand, if a group asks to be transported within 3 hours to a distance of 170km, the price per kilometer will be calculated, not the hourly rate.

Further costs charged to the customer:

  • highway fees and road tolls, parking fees, ferry tickets etc.
  • VAT: 27% on top of the above costs for inland travel; in case of travelling to the EU it is not counted
  • in case of travelling for several days, accommodation and half board has to be provided for the driver, and in case of trips abroad we calculate an extra 12,000 HUF/driver/day
  • in case the passengers cause any damage or an outstanding amount of pollution, they will be obliged to pay the recovery or cleaning costs.


Our agreements are customer-friendly, we do our best to adapt to the conditions but in general 50% of the expected price can be demanded in advance, 2 days before beginning the trip, and afterwards the customer has usually 8 days to pay the remaining part of the bill.

Highway fees